Incorporated in 1971, Taiwan Transwave Corporation is now a well-established trader specializing in the exports of all kinds of computer accessories and electronic components either from Taiwan or from China to the worldwide markets. Our activity now-a-days covers the exporting of these lines to Germany, U.K., ltaly, France, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Canada, and even to USA.

For several year we have been working as the authorized buying office for the leading importers of computer Accessories in Europe, and their partners to provide them with most of the computer and electronic items being supplied from Taiwan and China.

We have a team of well-trained staff who comb the source of supply constantly and we also pride ourselves on technical support and service in this field. Actually we do one hundred percent quality Inspection before the sending out of the cargos. Likewise we will hold ourselves responsible for all quality discrepancies and do our best to compensate the customers for their loss if any.

Moreover, we might say one of the advantages to buy from this company is that you need not sore about procuring one item in big quantity and carrying a huge inventory. Unlike many factories who offer only one or two items and always demand you a big minimum requirement for just one or two items in order to cover their export charges, we are able to compile orders and pool many a little to make a mickle for sufficient lots for effecting one shipment. This is the reason why our business can last long.

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